Construction Lockdown Grant Details

The Victorian Government has finally released more details on the assistance they're going to provide to the construction industry that was forces to shut down for two weeks.

Payments of up to $8,400 will be made to employers depending on payroll with a list of eligible ABR codes can be found below.

3011 House Construction

3019 Other Residential Building Construction

3020 Non-Residential Building Construction

3101 Road and Bridge Construction

3109 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

3211 Land Development and Subdivision

3212 Site Preparation Services

3221 Concreting Services

3222 Bricklaying Services

3223 Roofing Services

3224 Structural Steel Erection Services

3231 Plumbing Services

3232 Electrical Services

3233 Air Conditioning and Heating Services

3234 Fire and Security Alarm Installation Services

3239 Other Building Installation Services

3241 Plastering and Ceiling Services

3242 Carpentry Services

3243 Tiling and Carpeting Services

3244 Painting and Decorating Services

3245 Glazing Services

3291 Landscape Construction Services

3292 Hire of Construction Machinery with Operator

3299 Other Construction Services n.e.c.

6631 Heavy Machinery and Scaffolding Rental and Hiring

6619 Other Motor Vehicle and Transport Equipment Rental and Hiring

The Grant opens November 5th 2021.

If you'd like more details or assistance in applying please contact Better Business Advisors.

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